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We export valves for waterworks and petrochemical plants worldwide, from Latin America to South East Asia, across whole Europe and Africa. Through these projects, we have established strong business relationships and cooperation with contractors, consultants and distributors, sharing Valvotubi reality and expertise worldwide.

This section is dedicated to some of the main Valvotubi plants references.

Thang Long Cement Factory, Vietnam

Supply of ductile iron wafer butterfly valves DN 80-200.

Abu Dhabi Municipality, United Arab Emirates

Valvotubi has been approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality as manufacturer of valves for the local water distribution system.
Valves supplied: double flanged butterfly valves face to face DIN 3202F4, ductile iron dismantling joints, flanged PN 16, diameters DN 300-400-450, all with epoxy resin coating suitable for potable drinking water.


Hydropower stations, Switzerland

Valvotubi is continuously supplying valves for hydropower stations located in the Alpine region of Switzerland, basically:
Gate valves, both manual and electrical operated

Cast steel gate valves GS-C25 PN 40
Cast steel gate valves GS-C25 PN 64
Cast steel gate valves GS-C25 PN 100
Nozzle check valves PN 16
Nozzle check valves PN 40 – 64
Plunger valves PN 16 – 40
Y strainers PN 16
Y strainers PN 64


Algeria: Biskra; Lakhdaria-Aomar / Koudiat Acerdoune

On May 2010 Valvotubi completed the water supply system of Biskra, in Algeria, providing thousands of valves, including: gate valves, dual plate check valves with stainless steel disc, rubber lined body lug butterfly valves, flanged butterfly valves, air valves, dismantling joints, control valves, from DN 65 to DN 500.

One year later, Valvotubi cooperated to the extension of Lakhdaria and Aomar water reservoirs with Koudiar Acerdoune water dam, for a total amount of 30 tons of valves, including: flat body soft seated gate valves, oval body soft seated gate valves DIN 3202 F5, swing check valve with rubber covered disc, swing check valves PN 25 and PN 40, cast steel Y strainers, rubber expansion joints, dismantling joints, float valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, electric actuators.


Toshka industrial plant, Egypt

Since we’ve been approved as official supplier of Toshka industrial plant in Egypt many years ago, we’ve been continuously providing several kind of valves, year after year, including gate valves, check valves, butterfly valves, air valves, safety valves, joints.

Durres sewage treatment plant, Albania

Valvotubi has been selected as official manufacturer of valves for the construction of the first sewage treatment plant involving wetlands in the area of Durres, Albania, for a total capacity of 250.000 A.E.

An innovative construction project for the country, where we have supplied: soft seated gate valves DN 50 – 500; swing check valves, wafer butterfly valves with stainless steel disc, foot valves.

Plant in Cuba

Central plant located in Cuba, where we have installed:  nine double flanged butterfly valves DN 1200 all flanged PN 10 and working with electric actuators, bellow sealed globe valves PN 40, ball valves in stainless steel AISI 316, as well as flanges and accessories. End user was satisfied and sent his appreciation letter addressed to Valvotubi Ind. Managing Director.


Kampala Pumping station – Uganda

Ductile iron double flanged motorized butterfly valves for the main Kampala pumping station, designed to withdraw water from Victoria Lake, for distribution network all over the country.

Thanh Hoa water treatment plant, Vietnam

Valvotubi supplied several kind of valves, including: soft seated gate valves, swing check valves, lug butterfly valves lever operated, universal joints, flange adaptors, with related flanges and accessories. Diameters from DN 50 to DN 250, flanged PN 10. Project completed in 2015.