Single ball air release valves PN 16

Valvotubi air release valve art.704
Article: 704
Installation: at the high part of the pipeline
APPLICATIONS • Aqueducts • Irrigation plants
Epoxy paiting suitable for drinking water applications.

The single ball air release valves are used for applications related to troubles with air in the pipelines. They are useful to discharge small amount of air during the usual working conditions.Minimum pressure of air release: 0,1 bar. Available DN 40/50/65 flanged with cock, or male threaded 1″ with cock, or female threaded 1″ without cock.


body  cast iron GG25, EN-GJL-250
cover  cast iron GG25, EN-GJL-250
floating ball  ABS / stainless steel 304
gasket  EPDM
painting  epoxy
DN H1 mm. H mm. D mm. Weight kg.
 40 155 260  150  6
 50 155 260  165  6
 65 155 260  185  7
DN Nominal pressure Test pressure Mpa Max working pressure Mpa
mm BAR body seat 40°C
40-65 16 2,4 1,76 1,6