Ball check valves, threaded ends PN 16

Valvotubi ball check valve threaded ends fig 508
Article: 508
Thread standard: BSP, ISO 228-1
Face to face length: EN 558-1Installation: horizontal / vertical with down-up flow direction
APPLICATIONS dirty water • Waste water treatment plants • Pumping stations • Sewage • Fluids with powders, sticky

Epoxy paiting suitable for drinking water applications.

The ball check valves are a kind of check valves that acts automatically when the flow stops, thanks to the movement of the ball located inside the valve itself, that returns to initial position, stopping the flow. The ball check valves grant the full bore with the movement of the ball, without pressure drops. The mechanical work of these check valves creates optimal conditions inside the valve, the passage is never obstructed, and this kind of valve can be well used in case of flow with little powders. The ball check valves don’t need any maintenance and are automatically cleaned.

body   ductile iron GGG50, EN-GJS-500-15
cover   ductile iron GGG50, EN-GJS-500-15
ball   ductile iron GGG50 EPDM covered
O ring  NBR
bolts-nuts-gasket  stainless steel A2
painting epoxy
DN L mm. H mm. D mm. Weight kg.
25 135 75 50 1.8
32 135 75 50 2
 40  145  93  60  2.7
 50  175  106  72  3.5
 65  200  131  90  5
 80  248  153  108  7.5
 100  300  175  126  11
DN Nominal pressure Test pressure MPa Max working pressure MPa
mm BAR body seat 80°C
25-100 16 2,4 1,76 1,6