Ductile iron “nozzle” check valves PN 64

The “nozzle” check valves should be used in order to grant a good performance of the anti-hammer effect. These valves are nozzle type, they ensure a rapid, shock free closing before any change in the flow direction, and a noiseless operation, as well as low water losses thanks to their design. For this reason, “noozle” … Continued

Cast steel cylindrical body gate valves non rising stem, PN 40

The cast steel cylindrical body gate valves non rising stem are used for several installations. This gate valve is flanged PN 40. These gate valves are made in cast steel, with body and wedge seat rings in stainless steel. They come from standard execution by handwheel.

Metal seated gate valves in cast iron inside screw, PN 10

The metal seated gate valves in cast iron are the simplest kind of valve available on the market for water applications. With flat body, non rising stem, they are widely used. The metal seated gate valves in cast iron inside screw can be installed above or under the ground level. They come from standard execution … Continued

Wafer butterfly valves for connection PN 10-16, ANSI 150

The wafer butterfly valves are widely applied, thanks to their multiple functions of regulation and on-off valves. Thanks to the EPDM gasket and to the epoxy coating, the wafer butterfly valves can be installed in drinking water plants, but they can also be applied for sewage or brackish water with inox disc (fig.1401) and body … Continued

Ductile iron swing check valves with rubber covered disc PN 10 and 16

The swing check valves with rubber covered disc belong to the last generation of swing check valves, developed in order to improve the performance and the technical characteristics. These valves are manufactured in ductile iron, with the swing in ductile iron fully covered with NBR rubber. These swing check valves allow the full passage of … Continued

Automatic float control valve

The automatic float control valve, installed at the inlet of tank/reservoir, allows to keep a constant level of water. The body of the main valve is a globe valve, and thanks to the float linked to the pilot valve, this float control valve ensures to stop water filling at a predetermined level, while realizes water … Continued

Pressure-reducing valves

The pressure-reducing valves reduces and stabilizes the outlet pressure, regardless of any water demand or any variation of inlet pressure. These pressure-reducing valves work with the self energy of the medium, to adjust the pipeline pressure through the pilot valve. Pressure-reducing valve with high accuracy of level control, debug service, easy to install and to … Continued

Flow control valves

This flow control valve works with a very accurate pilot valve, suitable for control of both flow and pressure, to keep a preset flow value, to limit any excess of flow or upstream pressure, while downstream will not change, even if the pressure of main valve may change in downstream. Very high accuracy of level … Continued

Pressure discharge/sustain valve

The pressure discharge/sustain valve is a pilot-operated control valve, suitable for different actions in the pipeline. It can work as a sustain valve to prevent any increase from the pressure previously set upstream, but it can also work as a pressure discharge valve to prevent any water hammer effect caused by the pump. The pressure … Continued

Cast steel globe valves flanged PN 63

These cast steel  on-off globe valves are provided with a stem packing which may require maintenance. For diameters higher than DN 100, we provide the globe valve with balance disc, to facilitate the opening; in this case the valve has to be mounted in the opposite direction, with pressure over the shutter. Handwheel operated. These … Continued

Cast steel globe check valves flanged PN 63

The cast steel globe check valves are non return valves with spring, suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation. When the flow passes, the disc rises; when the flow stops, the disc closes the valve. The globe check valves don’t need any maintenance. Temperature and working pressure according to DIN 2401 part 2.  

Air release valves for sewage PN 16

The automatic air release valves are used for applications related to troubles with air in the pipelines of sewage plants. The minimum pressure on seat is 0,3 bar. The automatic air valves have three functions: Discharge large amount of air during filling operations Discharge small amount of air during working operations Let air in during … Continued