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We, with Valvotubi Ind., manufacture and distribute valves for waterworks and petrochemical plants as well. With a 40 year experience and complete devotion to customers from all over the world. Ranging from drinking water to treatment systems, from refineries to chemical plants, the valves that we manufacture are used in several types of plants. Our work thus creates a direct flow around the world.

Valvotubi Ind. industrial valves have been installed in 74 countries now. A market orientation and a great flexibility, enabled our staff to achieve specific technical skills for applications in completely different markets. 

All that means a solid experience, both in trading and in manufacturing of valves, which is then the “life core” of the quality all our products.

An attentive checking of all the manufacturing phases, from designing to tests and from packaging to delivery.

Our expertise is our best result.



In the world of industrial valves, we have always distinguished for being different, with our ability to directly approach situations and quickly find the most effective solution to the needs of our customers.

We firmly believe in a “turn-key” service, based on expertise and assistance, thanks to which customer can fully rely on Valvotubi without  any worry.

We steadily aim to create a long-lasting relationship with our customers based on trust, proving our dedication and always assuring our reliability.